2017 Bridal bouquet: 5 new trends to try!

As we previously found out thanks to Patrizia di Braida’s beautiful floral composition, the bouquet actually plays a huge role in every bridal outfit. Here’s the best 5 bridal bouquet trends of 2017.

Choosing the right bouquet will enhance the beauty of your wedding dress and your figure too, the magic rule is choosing a bouquet in tune with the general theme of the reception. Final tip: the bouquet should also try to follow the latest trends of floral design. Want to know what we’re talking about?

Here’s the 5 bridal bouquet trends of 2017:

1. Classic Bouquet: everybody knows that classical style never dies. So even when dealing with floral design a winning choice is always going with a classic compact and rounded bouquet, with peonies or roses, the perfect fit to every bride who feels like a princess in her long and girly wedding dress. To modern it up a little bit, just add an olive or eucalyptus branch.

2. Bouquet boho-chic: for a bohème kind of bride, the typical “flower child”. This bride is able to fully appreciate the natural beauties all around her and must be an hopeless romantic, always taking care of nature and people. The boho-chic bride prefers a pastel coloured bouquet, made with wildflowers and kept together by delicate ribbons.

3. Waterfall bouquet: for those brides who dream a big wedding “with a bang”. The waterfall bouquet is the perfect solution for the mermaid silhouette, and has the best effect on quite tall brides. Buttercups, peonies and roses are the real queens of this elegant bouquet.

4. The bracelet bouquet: for an unconventional and original bride. Which better jewelry than a colourful bouquet to wear like a bracelet? Very practical but, above all, just beautiful!

5. Not only flowers: what about a bouquet made by a mix of flowers and objects? For the typical American dream of a wedding by the beach you can find cute little bouquets made with flowers and seashells. For those instead who want to get married on Christmas, an even more extravagant combination: a bouquet made with Christmas decorations!

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